Welcome To Menards Carp Fishery

  • 6 acre lake
  • Picturesque and secure
  • Food deliveries to fishery gate
  • On site tackle and bait shop
  • Sticky Baits and Urban Bait stockist
  • Mirrors and Commons to 40Lb+
  • Toilet and shower facilities
  • Fantastic holiday venue
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Nestled on the outskirts of St Leonards Forest, Horsham, Menards Carp Fishery has flourished into a very mature and stunning venue. Menards was born in the late 90’s. Constructed on a 10 acre plot , since then many changes have been made and the lake has been joined to the stock pond and enlarged considerably resulting in a very unique looking fishery packed with features. Carpy overhangs are in abundance as well as 4 islands, lily pads, bays, bars and plateaus with variable depths to 12 feet. ONLY 12 SWIMS


We apply careful stock management at Menards and benefit from a variety of different strains. We now have a stock to be proud of. A large proportion of our fish were born here and the best of which are reaching well in excess of 35lbs. These young fish have complimented our original stock and in some cases have surpassed them in weight. Every year we see more and more fish topping the 30lb mark. We aim to continue in the same way for the future to see out the true potential.


Day and night sessions are available for Members by booking only. Holiday bookings for Non Members are also available. The fishery is open 365 days a year, please see rules, fees and the holidays pages for more information. The venue is a very unique looking fishery packed with features, with carpy overhangs in abundance as well as 4 islands, lily pads, bays, bars and plateaus with variable depths to 12 feet and only 12 swims, 4 doubles and 8 singles.


The setting is extremely tranquil, surrounded by mature oak trees. The lake is well maintained and complimented by gravel pathways and wood chipped swims. There are good facilities on site with flushing toilets, a wet room shower, tackle and bait shop with microwave, take aways delivered to the gate from nearby Horsham.


Detailed feature and depth contour map of Menards at:


Fish Care

In order to fish at Menards you must use an off the ground style of cradle and an XL weigh sling.


A popular choice is the Nash Monster cradle and Kaptive weigh sling pictured here. All cradles must measure no less than 120x60x25cm.

We have a limited number of Nash mk3 monster carp cradles available for hire!

Trakker nash KORDA
Name Date Bait Swim Number Weight of Fish Fish Name Fish Type
Michael Dixon 2017-04-01 Sticky Signature Pop 1125lb 14oz Common
Eddie Hudson 2017-04-01 Sticky Manilla 415lb 2oz Stockie Mirror
Paul Allen 2017-04-01 Sticky Manilla 121lb 12oz Common
Paul Allen 2017-04-01 Sticky Manilla 116lb 4oz Common
Aaron Warner 2017-04-01 Urban Baits R/S/F 217lb 2oz Ghostie
Martin Doswell 2017-03-31 Sticky Krill 418lb 2oz Common
Peter Collins 2017-03-30 Sticky Manilla 918lb 6oz Mirror
Tony Rand 2017-03-29 Tange/marine 632lb 10oz Split Tail Common
Charlie Cowburn 2017-03-29 Sticky Krill 525lb 5oz Mirror
Mark Stanford 2017-03-28 Sticky Krill 216lb 13oz Stockie Mirror
Mark Stanford 2017-03-27 Sticky Krill 615lb 6oz Common
Jamie Craigmyle 2017-03-26 DNA 518lb 0oz Mirror
Mark Stanford 2017-03-26 Urban Baits R/S/F 720lb 0oz Common
Jamie Craigmyle 2017-03-25 Essential B1. 526lb 0oz Mirror
John Hill 2017-03-24 Tuna Garlic Pop 224lb 8oz Bullseye Common
Simon Chase 2017-03-23 Fruitella Pop 714lb 0oz Stockie Mirror
Simon Chase 2017-03-18 Fruitella Pop 713lb 8oz Stockie Mirror
Dave Hopkins 2017-03-18 Sticky Krill 231lb 1oz Darks Mirror
Simon Chase 2017-03-17 Fruitella Pop 731lb 2oz Darks Mirror
Simon Chase 2017-03-17 Fruitella Pop 720lb 4oz Common
Ryan Smith 2017-03-14 Urban Nutcracker 1018lb 0oz Mirror
Steve Porter 2017-03-12 Urban R/S/F 917lb 0oz Common
Ross Sinclair 2017-03-11 Sticky Manilla 1125lb 0oz Mirror
Mark Stanford 2017-03-11 Urban Nutcracker 716lb 0oz Common
Steve Porter 2017-03-11 Urban R/S/F 914lb 7oz Stockie Mirror
Aaron Warner 2017-03-06 Urban R/S/F 220lb 8oz Mirror
Aaron Warner 2017-03-05 Corn 220lb 0oz Mirror
Aaron Warner 2017-03-05 Corn over R/SF chops 219lb 0oz Ghostie
Aaron Warner 2017-03-04 Corn over Urban's R/SF 230lb 12oz The Long One Mirror
Aaron Warner 2017-03-04 Corn 212lb 0oz Common
Aaron Warner 2017-03-01 Urban Baits R/S/F 217lb 2oz Ghostie
Aaron Warner 2017-03-01 Urban Baits R/S/F 217lb 0oz Ghostie
Aaron Warner 2017-02-26 Maggots 217lb 12oz Stockie Mirror
Mark Stanford 2017-02-26 Nutcracker 428lb 8oz Common
Aaron Warner 2017-02-26 Corn 215lb 10oz Stockie Mirror
Aaron Warner 2017-02-25 Maggots 221lb 0oz Common
Aaron Warner 2017-02-25 Maggots 210lb 0oz Stockie Mirror
Charlie Cowburn 2017-02-25 Maggots 414lb 0oz Stockie Mirror
Gary Woolmore 2017-02-25 Maggots 421lb 3oz Common
Gary Woolmore 2017-02-25 Maggots 410lb 0oz Stockie Common
Charlie Cowburn 2017-02-23 Maize 419lb 0oz Common
Peter Collins 2017-02-22 Maggots 420lb 4oz Mirror
Peter Collins 2017-02-22 Urban Baits Nutcracker 422lb 0oz Mirror
Wendy Harrison 2017-02-22 Strawberry Pop. 231lb 14oz Common
Jack Little 2017-02-19 ccmoore pacific tuna. 413lb 8oz Common
Peter Collins 2017-02-19 Urban Baits Nutcracker 715lb 8oz Stockie Mirror
Aaron Warner 2017-02-16 Maggots 222lb 8oz Common
Aaron Warner 2017-02-01 Maggots 718lb 8oz Stockie Mirror
Aaron Warner 2017-01-31 Strawberry maggot cocktail 729lb 8oz Common
Aaron Warner 2017-01-18 Maggots 716lb 0oz Stockie Mirror