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Postby Paul deLuzy » Sat Sep 26, 2015 3:45 pm

Hi Guys with Autumn just around the corner we are fast approaching the very best time of year to be at menards! with the fish reaching top weights and there vibrant colours starting to bloom.

New stock for menards
Around the end of october we will be introducing a further 30-40 pretty mirrors from our stock pond that have been left to on-grow and will average 15lb a great boost for the winter catch report.

Looking ahead.
At the beginning of november our winter ticket(1st Nov-28th Feb) will come into play coinciding with the maggots which the menards carp love and will continue to feed on throughout the cold season.
Winter is not an easy time but if you persevere the rewards are often great with big hits coming to the persistent who enjoy this quiet time of the year no longer battling the crowds just the carp them selves.

Winter tickets will be available to both current members and non members at a cost:

Members £225(total cost)
Non-Members £250(total cost)
Deposit required to secure your ticket (£50)
Remaining balance to be paid before start date

For those that are interested please get in contact asap as i expect there will be a high demand!
There will be a limit to the number we sell, as we don't want to spoil it. 8)
TEL:01403 243213 for further details.
Kind Regards Paul and James

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