First season!

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First season!

Postby Liamj » Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:16 pm

This is my first season here at Menards but the first of many I hope!
Stunning lake that excites me every time I go back!
Sadly I haven't been out on the lake as much as I have hoped so far this year only about 4/5 times due to work, family etc (the usual) but I have been fortunate enough to slip one stunner in the net, a gorgeous 27.10 ghost common I had a couple of months back.
Paul and James are top blokes who will always help with anything and the fish are a credit to their hard work!
All the members that I've spoke to have also been top lads who you can have a good chat with.
Can't wait for a few more sessions to tempt another lump!
I'll be up next week Paul for a few nights if there's room!

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