Me and the missus

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Me and the missus

Postby kevH » Tue Jul 25, 2006 10:54 am

Hi Paul,

Recently had my wedding anniversary and, with the kids away, me and the wife rounded off some hectic partying with a chilled out evening in front of the rods.

Near emergencey was nipped in the bud, all thanks to your First Aid kit. And your kindness meant we could have a great 24 hour session, with a bit of privacy, a bottle of champagne (from real glasses, not my tea mugs!!), fantastic weather and even 3 fish!

IMHO the best fishery in the south - the fish are of the size and stock density I want, I can always get a swim, I can always have a chat with members and new visitors alike, I can always have a bit of privacy, I can always bring my wife and the kids and know that the respect they show will be reciprocated, and most importantly, I know Paul will look after me with as much care as he shows his fish and his wonderful lake.

Cheers Paul


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